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Music Production Podcast

Mar 19, 2019

The kitchen of a restaurant can be one of the more hectic workplaces. In order to make delicious dinners in all of the chaos, chefs need to be extremely disciplined. 

As music producers, we can learn a lot about our craft by observing how chefs manage to complete their art in the "heat" of the moment (couldn't resist the pun :).

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Show Notes:

Micro Cassette Ableton Live Pack - all sounds in the intro music were made with this collection of instruments built from sounds recorded to a handheld micro cassette recorder.

Organizing Like a Chef Makes for Good Habits - NPR broadcast from August 2014 (not 2005 as I mistakenly said in the show) that inspired this episode.

Seconds Pro - Interval Timer app for your phone.

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Brian Funk