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Music Production Podcast

Jul 26, 2019

Quality comes from quantity, so make as much music as you can. The more you do anything the better you get at it.

In this episode, I talk about a few things that have inspired me lately, and they all have to do with being prolific. 

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Show Notes:

  • JUNO-106 Ableton Live Pack - The instruments used to make the intro music.
  • Drumtraks by ReverbMachine - Drums used in the intro music. Save 50% with code: AFRODJMAC
  • Gumroad Found Sahil Lavingia - Sahil has some powerful thoughts on being prolific, which he shared on the podcast.
  • Chef Elf - Nate Beaudry made a new piece of music every day for 500 days. He talks with me about it on the podcast.
  • Bruce Herwig - a great blog about a ceramic teacher's grading policy.
  • On Writing - Steven King's amazing book on writing.
  • War of Art - Steven Pressfield's inspiration kick in the ass. This book is so inexpensive and yet so valuable.

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Brian Funk