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Music Production Podcast

Aug 15, 2019

Tommy Zee runs Tommy Zee and Co., a music production company that makes music for some of the world's largest brands, such as Nike, Adidas, Google, Sony, and more. He aims to move people emotionally with his music. Tommy began as a banker by day and DJ by night before quitting his job and starting his company. 

In this episode, Tommy Zee talks about creating music and sound for brands. Tommy discusses his path and what it took for him to take a leap of faith and make music his full time career. We had a great discussion about being productive, making connections with people, and working fast in order to be successful as a commercial craftsman. 

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Show Notes:

Tommy Zee and Co. - Tommy's music production company for brands.

Making Music For Brands - Learn how to break into the world of commercial music production and download the free PDF "7 Ways to Make Money with Music For Brands."

Tony Schwartz - author of The Responsive Chord.

Jim Guthrie - Composer of Sword & Sorcery soundtrack and collaborator with Tommy.

Game Meets Album - CDM piece on Guthrie's work.

CasiOP-1 Ice Caves - Free Ableton Live Pack made with Casio SK-1 and Ice Cave samples.

Be PROlific - Music Production Podcast #120 on the importance of quantity.

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Brian Funk