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Music Production Podcast

Nov 10, 2019

Paul Zgordan works for Mubert, a company that develops tools for making music created by artificial intelligence. Mubert creates algorithmically generated music using samples uploaded by users. Mubert's generative music is targeted towards businesses that need music for their products (apps, spas, video games). 

Paul and I discuss Mubert in detail, from its technology and how it is being used. We explore whether artificial intelligence will endanger the jobs of musicians. Paul also shares ideas on how musicians can use AI to further their artistic vision. 

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Show Notes:

Mubert - AI Music Solution

Mubert Beta - join and participate in Mubert's #I-am-the-world project to create the never ending collaborative generative music stream in A Minor. 

Walkthrough Video- Short video on uploading samples to Mubert.

Google Magenta - AI Max for Live devices.

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Brian Funk