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Music Production Podcast

Feb 25, 2020

Staying organized will keep your music making experience fun. You will have the tools you need when you need them. In this episode, I talk about some things that have helped me stay organized. I also talk about the most impactful book I read last year, Getting Things Done by David Allen.

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Show Notes:

FRZN GRAINS - ELPHNT's granular Ableton Live Pack

Music Production Club - Join the club to get a steady flow of sounds for you music making.

Workflowy - Simple and powerful web-based app I use for keeping lists.

Getting Things Done - David Allen's incredible system for keeping track of ideas, staying organized, and getting work done.

David Allen - Listen to David Allen on the Tim Ferriss Show.

#103 and #51: Music Production Podcast episodes with Eshan Khadaroo, aka Push4Life.

Audio and MIDI in the Basement - My chart for keeping track of where everything in my studio is connected.

Save 25% on Ableton Live Packs at My Store with the code: PODCAST

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Brian Funk