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Music Production Podcast

Mar 20, 2020

We are living through unprecedented times. It is our duty to stay home to slow the spread of coronavirus. In an effort to maintain positivity and make the most of our time at home, this episode runs through some ideas you can use to be productive.

Stay healthy!

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Show Notes:

Live Performance in Ableton Live - My video course is free when you use the code: STAYHOME

Music Production Club - Monthly subscription for a steady flow of music production tools to your inbox.

Klevgrand - Makers of Kleverb and other great audio plug-ins.

Korg iKaossilator - Amazing app that is currently free.

Moog Model D App - Beautiful iPhone recreation of the classic synth.

Isolation Loops - Hainbach's free loops for your time home.

Quasimidi Sirius Samples - Legowelt is sharing some nice samples of a cool synth.

Expanding Sound - Lots of free Ableton Live Packs.

Sonic Bloom - Excellent Ableton Live Packs and Tutorials. 

Gumroad - Sell something!

Sahil Lavinglia - Gumroad CEO on the Music Production Podcast.

Listen to Music - LA Times article on deep listening.

Thinking In Bets - by Annie Duke.

The Paradox of Choice - by Barry Schwartz.

You're It! - Collected speakings of Alan Watts. 

Live Producer's Online - Dan Giffin's Ableton Live Podcast.

Hanging Out with Audiophiles - Jamie Lidell's Podcast.

Huston Music - Huston Singletary's Podcast.

Art + Music + Technology - Darwin Grosse's Podcast.

Mr. Bill's Podcast - Mr. Bill's Podcast.

Song Exploder - Podcast about song creation.

ELPHNT - Tom from ELPHNT on the Music Production Podcast.

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Brian Funk