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Music Production Podcast

May 3, 2017

It's all about community. People connecting, sharing ideas, collaborating and supporting each other. This is something Jesse Brede, founder of Gravitas Recordings, understands.

I  think we can all picture that stereotypical record label, with the stack of demos on a desk that just get shoveled into the trash without ever being heard. Gravitas Recordings is different. They want to hear new music and are looking for new artists all the time. They've found a unique way to reach the community of producers through their new site, Gravitas Create. 

In this episode, I got to speak with Jesse about being a part of the music community, finding and encouraging new artists, and educating young people and involving them in the music making process. 

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Show Notes:

Gravitas Recordings

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Gravitas Create 

Gravitas Create Facebook Group

Lion's Share Digital - Jesse's web agency

Jesse's Music on Soundcloud

Jesse on Facebook

Music from Gravitas Artist CloZee

Team Supreme "Strength in Numbers" 

Women's Audio Mission

Erin Barra

High School Sounds- Free Ableton Live Pack 144

Noverture Percussion - Free Ableton Live Pack 142