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Music Production Podcast

Feb 1, 2021

Let's use the month of February to finish and release some of our music. After Jamuary, I'm sure you have lots of interesting musical ideas. Even if you didn't do Jamuary, you probably have plenty! During February, we are going to challenge ourselves to finish tracks and share them with the world!

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Show Notes:

Derek Sivers on Ideas -

Derek Sivers on the Music Production Podcast -

Finish February Organization Spreadsheet -

My Finish February Spreadsheet from 2020 -

A Journey Inward (EP I made last February) -

Last Year's Podcast about Finish February -

Episode #151: What is Your Listener Doing -

Episode #152 -  How Do You Know When a Song is Finished -

Episode #156 - The Story is the Key to Finishing Music -

War of Art by Steven Pressfield -

My Website -

Music Production Club -

Music Production Podcast -

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Brian Funk