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Music Production Podcast

Dec 10, 2021

Francisco Dean is a trained jazz musician and music educator at the University of Chicago Lab School. Francisco composed a piece for his school's electronic music ensemble for the Jewish Student Association's Holocaust Remembrance event. Every sound was created with samples from Holocaust artifacts from the Illinois Holocaust Museum. 

In my opinion, this is one of the finest examples of using modern electronic music production techniques in an educational setting. Dean's students became deeply connected to the victims and events of the Holocaust, on a level rarely reached in traditional education. 

Francisco shared the depth of thought that went into the project, the obstacles faced along the way, and his creative strategies to translate Holocaust artifacts into music.

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Show Notes:

Explore all exhibit posters (photos of the artifacts and usage in the piece), the full score of the piece, a "Making of" video (Behind the scenes featurette), video of the live performance of the piece, and complete notes giving a background of the composition: 

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