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Music Production Podcast

Aug 1, 2017

It is a wonderful day and age in which we can create, write, and record music all by ourselves. We have the technology to do every step of the process on our own. While this can afford us plenty of freedom and releases us from the struggle of coordinating schedules and ideals with others, if we never work with other people, we are really missing out. 

Collaboration is one of the best ways to learn, grow, develop, and discover new ideas. I personally believe that a good collaboration can bring you wisdom that could take you years to develop on your own and new ideas that you might not ever discover otherwise. 

This show is about the power of collaboration. I discuss how collaboration has benefitted me and highlight my recent experience creating the Ableton Live Whistle Pack with pATCHES. I then go on to create a piece of music using some of those sounds. 

You Have Homework!

Need an excuse to make music or some direction to help get you going? Well I have a homework assignment for you! Collaborate with someone else to make some music. How you collaborate is entirely up to you. Do it in person or over the internet. Find a musician to play a part or ask someone for an idea or direction. Sample someone singing, talking, washing the dishes... Send someone a half-finished track to work on. It really doesn't matter.  Post your results on the Music Production Podcast Facebook Page. Maybe even find someone on that page to collaborate with! Just create some music with the help of another person. 

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