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Music Production Podcast

Aug 24, 2017


LoopLabs is a cloud based music studio that allows you to compose music using its huge selection of loops. Everything gets tempo and key matched, so it always sounds good. It's a great place for beginners or for experimenting with ideas. 

Craig and I sat down for a nice conversation about his vision for Looplabs, the music industry, and the role future generations will play in music making. 


Definitely check out I'm very excited about how this could open the door to music production for a whole new generation of people. I've even contributed some loops to the library of loops available to use. Maybe sit down with your younger sibling, nephew, or child and have fun making music without worrying about theory or technicalities. It's a great way to share the joy of making music. Regardless of your experience, Looplabs could be a perfect introduction to music creation or a springboard for your next composition.

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Show Notes:

  • - The web-based DAW
  • Medium - Looplabs' producer showcase
  • Spotify Needs to Face the Music - We talked about the viability and profitability of streaming services. I admit some of the stuff that came out of my mouth was only partially informed speculation. Here's an article with an oh-so-clever headline that will do a better job at shedding some light on the topic.
  • No Music Theory Ableton Live Rack - Make music without understanding music theory

Here's a video I made, using Looplabs and some of the loops I provided to the collection: