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Music Production Podcast

Oct 22, 2017

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Francois Benner producers music as the artist Roisner. He recently released his latest album Rhombes Timber 25000 BC. For this project, Roisner sampled hundreds of instruments that date all the way back to prehistory. He then reached out to me to create Ableton Live Instruments so he could use them and his samples to create his newest album.

In this episode, Roisner and I discuss the production of his latest album. We talk about our collaboration on the Ableton Live Pack, ANCIENT, which we've been working on over the last year and a half. It was a great talk about finding new avenues to realize an artistic vision. Enjoy!

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Show Notes:


Ableton Live Pack

ANCIENT is a collection of 104 Ableton Live Instrument and Drum Racks all made from samples of instruments that date back to prehistoric times. Journey back to the roots of human music-making with the instruments and sounds of ANCIENT. 

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*ANCIENT is the October 2017 download for the AfroDJMac Music Production Club*

Requires Ableton Live Standard 9.7 and Above