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Music Production Podcast

Nov 1, 2017


Francis Preve is a synthesist, journalist, and educator, amongst other things. He is one of the industry's most in-demand sound designers. In fact, it seems like every time I investigate the names behind some of my favorite synths, apps, and plug-ins, I find Francis Preve. His writing can be found in popular magazines such as Keyboard, Computer Music (UK), Future Music, EQ, and Music & Computers. Francis is a college professor in Austin, Texas. He also creates some of the finest sound packs on the market for Ableton Live via his company SympleSound.

I've admired and learned quite a lot from Francis' work over the years. He's even been kind enough to allow me to use some of his samples to build Ableton Live Packs. It was a real pleasure talking with him. His depth of understanding of sound design is incredibly impressive and a joy to explore. As this conversation will show, it is all fueled by an undying curiosity and love for sound and music. Enjoy!

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Show Notes: