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Music Production Podcast

Dec 6, 2017

Sam Gribben is the founder and CEO of Melodics, as well as the former CEO of Serato. Melodics teaches people how to play MIDI pad controllers, electronic drum kits, and now keyboards. What makes Melodics unique is that it uses aspects of video gaming to teach the discipline of practice. Melodics makes practicing fun and productive in a few minutes a day. I've been using it for finger drumming for over a year and my skills have grown tremendously.

Sam was kind enough to spend some time with me to discuss the newest version of Melodics, the importance of discipline, and how to make learning both fun and productive. 

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Show Notes:

Melodics - Learn finger drumming, electronic drumming, and keys. Unlock extra lessons for free with the special promo code: MusicProduction-Podcast 

Jane McGonigal - Game designer and author