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Music Production Podcast

Feb 3, 2018

January 2018 was spent creating a small piece of music every single day for the #Jamuary2018 challenge. It was a lot of fun and pretty challenging. Lots of people participated and there were a ton of really cool jams. Now we are going to do something with them!

It's time to begin #FinishFebruary2018 !! 

The first thing I think we are all entitled to is a short break. Take a step back from your music making and assess what you have. It's probably pretty likely you've forgotten about some of those jams. 

After a couple days of rest, let's look at the situation. I've built a spreadsheet on Google Sheets to help categorize your jams. There are eight columns to fill out for each day.

Jam Name: Give your jam a name to help identify it (this can change).

Notes: List anything that might be relevant. Instruments used, style, groove, feel... anything that will help you identify the track. What still needs to be done?

BPM: List the BPM of your jam.

Key: What key is your jam in?

Mood-Theme-Genre: What is the emotion of the track? Any interesting theme? The Musical Genre.

Group: Label these with letters. If a jam is similar in some way to another jam, give it the same letter. It is ok to have multiple letters on a single jam if it has something in common with multiple jams.

% Complete: Estimate how close this jam is to completion.

Rating 1-4: How likely are you to use this jam. 1-Not likely, 2-Maybe, 3-Probably, 4-Definitely. 

Feel free to add your own columns. If you do, let me know what you added! 

You may notice that I added ten addition spots for jams after day 31 (A-J). I'm going to use this to add some unfinished ideas I've had over the last year that I think might fit in with some of the other jams. I encourage you to go back and pick 10 of your favorite unfinished ideas from the past year and keep them in mind as we go through the month.

If you did not participate in Jamuary, that doesn't mean you can't do Finish February! Look through your unfinished ideas and pick your favorites and list them in the spreadsheet!

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Show Notes:

Google Spreadsheet: Use this spreadsheet to categorize your jams and organize your thoughts on each one.

Fact TV Against the Clock: Producers get 10 minutes to make a track. Very inspiring!

My Instagram: Find my jams and thoughts for Finish February.

Jamuary2018: Check out the work of everyone involved in Jamuary 2018!

FinishFebruary2018: Here's a hashtag to follow on Instagram.

My #Jamuary2018 Jams. These are the full-length videos, in reverse chronological order. Enjoy :)