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Music Production Podcast

Mar 20, 2018

Tom Frampton is a producer, mixing and mastering engineer, author, and plugin designer. Never Get Stuck Again is his new book that gives producers a road map of the production process and practical and technical tips and techniques to navigate that map. His website Mastering the Mix, has great production tips and is where he offers his extremely helpful plugins. 

Tom and I had a great conversation about problems in the production process and how to overcome them, as well as his own plugins and book. Lots of great insights in here!

Tom is graciously offering listeners of this podcast a free 15-day trial of all of his plugins, plus a free chapter of Never Get Stuck Again. Click here to get it!

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Show Notes:

Mastering the Mix - Tom's web page, featuring a helpful blog, his book, and some great plugins.

Levels - A plugin that is taking track analysis to the next level!

Expose - A plugin that will show potential problems within your mix.

Reference - A plugin that allows you to compare you track to other tracks, and highlight the differences between yours and the reference.

Never Get Stuck Again - Tom's new book, packed with practical and technical help to finish music.

Decoding the Mix - Tom analyzes the top streaming song of 2017

19 Time Savers -  A great list of ways to save time and energy in the studio. 

Special Offer - Get a free trial of all three of Tom's plugins, plus a free chapter of Never Get Stuck Again.