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Music Production Podcast

Mar 30, 2018

John Holt runs The Audio Journey, which teaches music production, especially for beginners. Though he covers some of the most basic concepts in entering music production, he also covers some more complex ideas and problems most producers face when it comes to advancing and finishing tracks.

It's pretty obvious that John and I read a lot of the same books, listen to the same podcasts, and subscribe to a lot of the same philosophies. There's a lot of "yes! I love that book too!" moments. The result is a pretty extensive set of show notes to go along with this episode. We had a really nice conversation exploring some of the common problems producers of all levels face, and shared our different solutions with each other. 

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Show Notes:

The Audio Journey

The Audio Journey YouTube Channel

The Audio Journey Instagram

The Audio Journey Facebook

The Audio Journey Twitter

Gary Vaynerchuk - for regular and swift motivational kicks in the @$$.

Keith Mills - Ableton Certified Trainer and founder of Quantize Courses.

Growth vs. Fixed Mindset - a great article about Carol Dweck's work on Brain Pickings.

Impact Theory - Videos on unlocking human potential.

Calm - an app for meditation.

10% Happier - Meditation without the "woo-woo" by Dan Harris.

Man's Search for Meaning - a powerful work by Viktor Frankl

Ryan Holiday - Author of The Obstacle is the Way and Ego is the Enemy.

Tim Ferriss - Author of the Four Hour Work Week and host of the Tim Ferriss Show

Stop Trying to Make Money Online - "The first step in making money online is to stop trying to make money online."