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Music Production Podcast

Apr 30, 2018

Recently, Dan from pATCHES asked me write a musical manifesto for his site. I was just finishing Samuel Adoquei's Origin of Inspiration: Seven Short Essays for Creative People. The book had struck me in a powerful way, so I wrote my manifesto based on 3 lessons I took from the book. This episode is my reading of that manifesto over some ambient music made from my Wind Chimes instruments and Isotonik Studios' Arcade Series Returns.

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Show Notes:

Origin of Inspiration - Samuel Adoquei's amazing book of "Seven Short Essays for Creative People."

My Manifesto on pATCHES - This is the original post on pATCHES of my essay on Origin of Inspiration.

Manifestos on pATCHES - Words of wisdom from some great minds in the music world.

pATCHES on the Music Production Podcast - A great talk with the men behind

Ethan Hein on the Music Production Podcast - Ethan Hein drops some powerful knowledge.

Free Flutes for Ableton Live - Rozalind MacPhail supplied me with some great flute samples, which I turned into 7 free Ableton Live instruments.

Rozalind MacPhail on the Music Production Podcast - Rozalind speaks about her work.

Wind Chimes Ableton Live Pack - I used two of the instruments from this collection for the background music.

Isotonik Studios Arcade Series Returns - I used the Arkanoid to sequence the notes in the background music.

Mark Towers on the Music Production Podcast - Mark Towers is the creator of the Arcade Series.