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Music Production Podcast

May 17, 2018

Isaac Cotec is a musician, producer, and Ableton Certified Trainer. He makes music as Subaqueous and runs a website and YouTube channel about all things music production and Ableton Live. This summer he will run his 3rd Audio Grove Music Retreat.

I first met Isaac in 2013 when we were going for our Ableton certification. Since then, I've followed his work closely and collaborated with him on a few Ableton Live Packs. 

This conversation with Isaac covers a lot of topics, including his Audio Grove Music Retreats, how he likes to batch his work together to be more productive, and his own workflow for the album writing process. It was a lot of fun catching up with Isaac and learning some of his tips and tricks to stay productive and inspired.

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Show Notes:

Official Site - is where you will find all of Isaac's tutorials, music, and downloads.

Music - Check out Isaac's music on SoundCloud.

YouTube - Learn from Isaac and get some free downloads.

Silk Drop - Isaac's collaboration with Heather Christie.

Audio Grove Music Retreat - A peaceful getaway for music making.

Ableton - Isaac's bio on Ableton's web site.

Wavetable Course - Isaac created an in-depth course for Ableton's Wavetable Synthesizer.

The Round Wavetable - 32 free Wavetable Instruments that Isaac contributed to.

Wavetable Preset Tutorials - Learn to make Wavetable presets with Isaac.

Ice Caves Free Ableton Live Pack #99 - This is a really cool collection of Casio SK-1 instruments I made, combined with Ice Cave samples Isaac made.

Free Dubstep Beat Builder - Isaac is kind enough to offer his Dubstep Beat Builder for free to all AfroDJMac Music Production Club members!