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Music Production Podcast

Jun 5, 2018

Vincent Musolino is a physicist and the author of How Audio Works. In the book, Vincent gives important information about how sound originates from the instrument, is recorded by the microphone, converted to digital in the DAW, and then back to analog when it leaves the speakers. It's a very musician friendly guide to a very technical subject. It's a great book for anyone interested in understanding the physics behind sound.

In this episode, Vincent gives a detailed explanation of the journey sound takes and the nearly miraculous result that is music. We discuss the odd juxtaposition of the mathematical and emotional, the creative and the technical, that makes sound music. Enjoy this episode as there are powerful lessons that can dramatically enhance our musical productions.

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Show Notes:

How Audio Works - Vincent's book about the journey sound takes from the instrument to the computer and out the speaker.

Official Website

Fletcher-Munson Curve - How humans hear different frequencies.

Jon Hopkins on Song Exploder - Listen to Jon Hopkins break down a track from his new album.

Adam Neely at Loop - Adam Neely shows how everything is a rhythm.