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Music Production Podcast

Jun 30, 2018

Matthew Fecher is a music software developer and part of the AudioKit Pro team. AudioKit Pro provides free and open-source audio software for developers to use in their apps and software. He and an enormous team of developers and collaborators just released Synth One, a free and open-source iOS synthesizer.

I had a chance to talk with Matthew about the release of Synth One and the entire AudioKit Pro project. Matthew discussed working on a long term project and dealing with difficult setbacks. He explains how sharing ideas and working with others can lead to tremendous growth for an entire community of people. Matthew's enthusiasm and ability to think big is truly contagious, and the lessons he has learned can be applied to all types of projects.

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Show Notes:

AudioKit Pro - Free and open-source audio development toolkit, powering millions of app installs.

Synth One - The powerful and beautiful sounding Free and open-source iOS synthesizer app.

FM Player - Free and open-source iOS sample player, featuring sounds of classic DX FM synthesizers.

Matthew's Website - follow Matthew's work here.

AutoPad - iOS for playing background pads, made with AudioKit Pro.

AudioBus Forum - A great community for developers of music apps.

Ego is the Enemy - Ryan Holiday's book about the enemy within.