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Music Production Podcast

Aug 25, 2018

Mikas is the creator of We Make Dance Music, a site where producers can release and purchase DAW templates, sounds, and stems. He is an audio engineer and producer who founded the label Progressive Groove Records. Mikas has over 20 years of DJing and producing experience under his belt.

I enjoyed speaking with Mikas very much. He exudes a motivation and drive for making music and the community around We Make Dance Music. In the episode, we discuss how he started his business, why he rarely uses 3rd party plugins, and how he has manages to finish nearly all of the music he starts.

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Show Notes:

We Make Dance Music - Mikas's site for producers to upload and purchase templates, sounds, and stems. Mikas is generously offering listeners of the podcast 20% off their purchase if they use the code: WMDMM20

Progressive Groove Records - The label Mikas founded.

Mikas's Bio

We Make Dance Music Blog - Helpful articles about making music.

Progressive Groove Records SoundCloud - Listen to the label's work.


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