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Music Production Podcast

Sep 3, 2018

Anthony Clint Jr., or just Clint, is seasoned producer and musician, creating hip hop, jazz, pop, and neo-soul. He's found quite a bit of success in music licensing. His work has been placed in film and on TV networks like MTV, VH-1, NBC, Fox Sports and more. Clint has been generously sharing his knowledge and experience with fellow producers on his site Clint Productions.

Clint and I had a nice conversation spanning many different topics relevant to making music. He has some great thoughts on maintaining positive work relationships with other artists, staying creative and productive in the studio, and of course on music licensing. Clint has learned how to stay focused and productive, and he has graciously shared many of those ideas with us. Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

Clint Productions - Check out Clint's website, with tutorials, blogs, webinars, and free guides.

How to Get TV and Film Placements - Clint's free webinar that will help you get started with music licensing.

How to Produce Music Faster - Great video on getting things done in the studio.

Make Mistakes in the Studio - Nice piece on getting in the right mindset for doing work, featuring some serious guitar shredding.

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