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Music Production Podcast

Sep 28, 2018

Jesper Nordin is a leading Swedish composer who has garnered considerable international acclaim in recent years. Jesper Nordin has also had huge success with his iOS app Gestrument that is based on his own composition technique.

I sat down with Jesper to talk about his new app Gestrument Pro, which sits somewhere between composition and instrument. It’s a beautiful app that makes excellent use of the touch screen interface. Jesper talked about his work as a composer, pushing boundaries of electro-acoustic music, and how he tricks himself to write music he didn’t know he likes. It was a fascinating conversation that gave me some new perspectives on creating music.

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Show Notes:

Jesper Nordin - Official web site.

Gestrument - Powerful gesture-based instrument for iOS.

Gestrument on the App Store - Buy Gestrument!

Gestrument in Concert - A look at the groundbreaking performances for Gestrument, orchestra, and clarinet.

Euronews - Coverage of clarinetist and conductor, Martin Fröst, using Gestrument.

Polar Talks - Jesper’s presentation on Gestrument and how it is integrated with the orchestra.

Emerging from Currents and Waves - Behind the scenes about Jesper’s latest work “Emerging from Currents and Waves,” featuring Gestrument, orchestra, and clarinet.

Tim Webb Explores Gestrument - Tim from Discchord takes us through a detailed exploration of Gestrument.

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Brian Funk