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Music Production Podcast

Oct 4, 2018

Johan Sundhage is a developer at Klevgrand. For the last few years, Klevgrand has been making a huge impression on producers with their plug-ins for DAWs and iOS. Klevgrand combines a somewhat outside-the-box approach to their devices, centered around design and usability. Many of their devices manage to take complex audio concepts and present them in beautifully intuitive interfaces.

I had the chance to speak to Johan about the creation process at Klevgrand. Johan reveals how he and a small team of developers manage to take each other’s ideas and turn them into reality. It was great to learn about the collaborative process and the philosophical framework that underlies Klevgrand’s work. This episode is an exciting look into the workings of a company producing unique and inspiring tools.

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Show Notes:

Klevgrand - Makers of exciting plug-ins for DAWs and iOS devices.

Klevgrand Products - Check out the extensive collection of interesting audio devices.

Brusfri - Noise reduction plug-in that I frequently use on this podcast.

Projects - Check out some of the video work Klevgrand does.

Web Cassette - Klevgrand’s Cassette plug-in that runs in your web browser.

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Brian Funk