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Music Production Podcast

Oct 14, 2018

Diego Stocco is a sound designer, instrument builder, and explorer of sounds. Diego is a master at finding music in places ordinary people do not hear it. As an imaginative craftsman, Diego has created a collection of instruments made from natural and found objects, and instrument parts. He uses his otherworldly creations to score films and trailers, design sounds for Spectrasonics, and create his own unique music. His work proves that there is still so much sound to explore in our world.

I’ve wanted to chat with Diego for a long time now. In the world of sound designers, he is a superhero. What became immediately clear in our conversation was his passion for his work. Diego makes you want to find new sounds in new places. I’m amazed at how such a well-trained musician can see past what he calls “problems of preconceptions” and explore sound as if it was the first time he ever encountered it. Diego generously shared so much wisdom and insight about his work and sound in general.

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Show Notes:

Official website - Check out Diego’s body of work.

BeHance - Explore more of Diego’s musical and sound design work.

Albums - Some of Diego’s music, using his handmade instruments and natural sounds.

Made of Sound - The latest audio/visual work, featuring music made with 17 custom instruments.

Custom Built Orchestra - Diego’s orchestra of unusually unique instruments.

Spectrasonics - Diego is one of the principal sound designer, working on Omnisphere and Stylus RMX.

Ennio Morricone - The legendary composer.

3-D Ambisonic Microphones - CDM’s piece on the future of microphones.

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Brian Funk