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Music Production Podcast

Oct 29, 2018

Jakob Haq is a mobile musician from Sweden. He all of his music using either iOS or other portable devices, no computer! On his YouTube channel, haQ attaQ, Jakob shares his accumulated knowledge from over 25 years of music making. Jakob specializes in what he calls “Docu-torials” on new iOS apps and portable music making gear.

After crossing paths for years, I finally got a chance to speak with Jakob on the podcast. Jakob shares some tips on how he stays productive and avoids procrastination. He was very candid about his thoughts on the current state of mobile music making, Apple, and YouTube. Jakob addresses and raises some very important concerns about the direction of music making and the avenues we as creators have for reaching our audiences.

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Show Notes:

haQ attaQ - Jakob’s official YouTube page.

Patreon - A great way to support the great work Jakob does.

Bandcamp - Listen to Jakob’s music.

SoundCloud - Listen to more of Jakob’s music.

Facebook - Jakob on Facebook, where he is sometimes streaming live.

Twitter - Connect with Jakob on Twitter.

Instagram - Some nice photos and videos…

Moog Minimoog vs. Model D - a great comparison of the app and the hardware.

My Best Work Yet? - A beautiful piece of music by Jakob.

Apple Loves Your Money - Entertaining criticism of the world’s first trillion dollar company.

Discchord - All things iOS music making.

Tim Webb on the Music Production Podcast - Discchord’s creator on the podcast.

Cocoscope - New alternative video hosting site.

LumaFusion - Video Editing iOS app.

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Brian Funk