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Music Production Podcast

Nov 11, 2018

Ableton’s Loop is a summit for music makers. It’s an incredible get together for people in the music production community to meet and share ideas. The schedule of events is amazing, and there are opportunities to talk, face to face, with so many brilliant people.

I was hanging around the Maker Zone, when Angelica from Ableton asked if I’d like to do a short presentation. Since I have a thing or two to say about making sounds, I gladly accepted.

This episode is the audio of that talk. I recorded it on my Roland R-07 field recorder, and did my best to clean it up for this show. It was quite an honor to give this talk in front of so many people I admire, including Francis Preve, Slynk, Elisabeth and James from Synthtopia, Josh Spoon, and many more. My hope is that the talk fills you with a sense of empowerment to go and find your own sounds to create your own sound.

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Show Notes:

Ableton Loop - A summit for music makers.

100 Year Old Piano Free Ableton Live Pack

Instruments from a Snapple Can Free Ableton Live Pack

Synthtopia - Thanks for providing the picture :)

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Brian Funk