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Music Production Podcast

Dec 14, 2018

Claire Marie Lim is a music technologist, interdisciplinary artist, and live performance designer. A recent graduate of Berklee College of Music, Claire is a multi-instrumentalist who produces music as dolltr!ck. Claire has played an important role in planning and developing Berklee’s new Electronic Digital Instrument program, which welcomes modern technologies such as drum pads, MIDI controllers, and laptops as instruments of study. Claire’s work is paving the way for the future of music education.

In this episode, Claire discusses her work at Berklee and in the school’s revolutionary Electronic Digital Instrument program. We examine where traditional musical instruments and performances meet modern technologies and genres. Many interesting questions are raised in how new music technologies and tools can find a home in the structure of traditional educational programs, as well as how these technologies challenge the fundamental structure of the programs.

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Show Notes:

Official Site - The main hub for Claire’s professional work.

dolltrick - Claire’s work as the artist dolltr!ck

Own Devices - Pieces for motion and electronics

Eventuate - Claire’s EDI friend who performs and makes music with his modular rig, Monome grid + arc, and electric guitar

BeatMask - instrument that converts beatboxing to drum samples in real-time

Shawn Wasabi clip that is often shared by Berklee faculty

Toss of a Dice - choreography by Jiri Kylian

Jesper Nordin - Creator of Gestrument on the Music Production Podcast

Jacob Haq - iOS YouTuber on the Music Production Podcast

Let’s Get Physical - Music Production Podcast about the importance of movement while making music.

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