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Music Production Podcast

Dec 25, 2018

Margaret Harmer is a trained percussionist and electronic music producer. She runs a professional recording and production studio called Shifting Waves. Margaret just finished work on Voices From Eris, a collaborative album featuring female electronic artists from around the world. Voices From Eris brings together women of all different backgrounds, and is made up of all different styles of electronic music.

I first met Margaret through my work with Berklee Online, while facilitating the Ableton Live sampling course. Maraget’s music and her dedication to growth and exploration stood out immediately. In this episode of the podcast, Margaret discusses her work, background, and the tremendous effort which went into Voices From Eris.

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Show Notes:

Official Site - The main place for Margaret’s work.

Voices From Eris - Foundraiser site.

Voices From Eris - SoundCloud site.

Voices From Eris - BandCamp site.

The store of Voices From Eris - Margaret writes about the process of producing the album.

YouTube - Margaret’s performances and experiments.

Shifting Waves - Margaret’s recording studio and label.

The artists featured in the episode:

Meri Nikula / Ode To The Women Who Were Silenced


Jude Casseday aka dejacusse / Song of Sirens

Durham, North Carolina, USA

Rosa Latva / Merenneito


Peggy Nelson / Sagitta

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Sissel Berntsen / Black stone gong


Sofy Yuditskaya / Persephone’s song

New York, USA

Margaret Harmer / There is a way

Geneva, Switzerland

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Brian Funk