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Music Production Podcast

May 30, 2024

AI is getting really good at generating realistic and emotional music. Where will this leave music-makers? 

Today we discuss how we can ensure that we remain relevant in the face of an AI music takeover!

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  • Rolling Stone AI Song -

May 21, 2024

Mikas is the creator of We Make Dance Music, a site of music resources for producers. On his podcast, Live Electronic Music Tutorials with Mikas, he creates tracks in real-time, sharing tips and techniques along the way. The result of each episode becomes a template viewers can purchase on 

This is...

May 15, 2024

Jeff Leisawitz is a musician, producer, coach, college songwriting professor, and author. His new book The Magical Impact of Storytelling explores how creatives can connect with their audiences and produce more meaningful work with effective storytelling. 

It was great to have Jeff back on the Music Production Podcast...

May 9, 2024

Iftah is the creator of a number of official Ableton Live Packs, including CV Tools, Time and Timbre, Microtuner, and the new Performance Pack for Live 12. Formerly one-half of the duo, Skinnerbox, Iftah has performed around the world. His creative pursuits cover various mediums and styles such as electronic music,...

May 2, 2024

Gregg Lehrman is the founder and CEO of Output. Output is a music-creation software company created by musicians for musicians. Gregg is an ASCAP award-winning musician and producer who has worked in television and film.

Gregg spoke about his work at Output and how he started the company to fulfill his creative needs....