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Music Production Podcast

May 9, 2024

Iftah is the creator of a number of official Ableton Live Packs, including CV Tools, Time and Timbre, Microtuner, and the new Performance Pack for Live 12. Formerly one-half of the duo, Skinnerbox, Iftah has performed around the world. His creative pursuits cover various mediums and styles such as electronic music, field recordings, photography, and programming. 

Iftah and I spoke about his work as a music producer and developer. We discuss Iftah's journey in music, the development of the Performance Pack for Ableton Live, and the importance of rest and recovery in the creative process. Iftah speaks about the significance of building your own instruments and the satisfaction of seeing others use and create with your tools. We discuss the new features in Ableton Live 12 and the Performance Pack. We also explore the concept of constraints in music production and the importance of following one's own interests and passions. 

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Brian Funk