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Music Production Podcast

Jul 5, 2018

Christopher Postill runs the web site Sounds Like an Earful, where he offers music for podcasters, video makers, and anyone that needs professional quality music for their creative projects. Christopher runs a podcast editing business and works as a graphic and web designer.

Christopher's work interests me because he is taking his passion for music making and sound editing and turned it into a successful business. In this episode, Christopher discusses his work and balancing it with a day job. He talks about staying focused and disciplined, while avoiding burn out. I especially enjoyed his perspective on setting clear and attainable goals, which he can use as personal landmarks for his success.

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Show Notes:

Sounds Like An Earful - Christopher's site where he licenses his music for creative projects.

The Community Roadmap - Christopher is very open and clear about his goals for his work, and he shares those parameters here.

Twitter - Connect with Christopher on Twitter.

Sleep With Me Podcast - Bedtime stories to help adults fall asleep.

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