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Music Production Podcast

Jul 14, 2018

Alessio Santini is the founder and lead developer of K-Devices. K-Devices specializes in music creation devices for Max for Live and iOS. Their slogan is "colorize your sound" and they focus on devices that have smart user interfaces, are easy to use, and have light CPU usage. Recently K-Device released their second batch of OOG, or Out of Grid, Max for Live devices. This series specializes in adding some variety and fluidity to your music and exploring rhythms that deviate from the musical time grid that so much music is bound to.

On this episode of the Music Production Podcast, Alessio talked to me about the philosophy behind his programming, how the design and limitations of our instruments influence the music we make, and his background as a doom-metal guitarist.

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Show Notes:

K-Devices - Max for Live and iOS devices created by Alessio and his team.

Shaper - K-Devices first iOS app for audio effects.

OOG Series - OOG stands for Out Of Grid. A collection of sequencers and tools for interesting timings.

Blog - Keep up with news on K-Devices

Kenter - Alessio's new EP. Love the guitar and drum work here!

Elli - Alessio's record label.

Thank you for listening. Please visit my site AfroDJMac for music production tutorials, videos, and Ableton Live devices.