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Music Production Podcast

Jul 26, 2018

Peter Nyboer works for Sensel, a company that produces the Morph, a multi-touch, pressure sensitive USB and Bluetooth controller. The Morph is used for music producers, artists, gamers, and developers. It features easily swappable overlays for those many different applications. Peter also worked for Livid Instruments, makers of custom MIDI controllers and instruments.

Peter and I discussed the Morph and his experience with Sensel, Livid, and various music-focused tech companies. Peter lays out the challenges of developing hardware in a rapidly technological world. It was great talking with him, enjoy!

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Show Notes:

Sensel - Makers of Morph, multi-touch, pressure sensitive, USB and Bluetooth controller.

Morph - Details about the Morph controller.

Ableton Live Control Surface Script - Use this to make Ableton Live immediate recognize and understand Morph.

Livid Instruments - seriously awesome music products for live performance, electronic production, and DJs.

Mod Devices - Makers of MOD Duo audio effects, instruments, and more device.

Sensel Morph Kit - Free Ableton Live Pack I made for the Sensel Morph (works with or without any controller though).

Factory Instruments and Percussion - Two Free Ableton Live Packs I made with samples from the Livid Instruments factory.

SoundCloud - Check out Peter's music, under the name Slambassador.

Redactive Audio - Big thanks to Scott of Redactive Audio, who has helped me clean up some audio files for the podcast.

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