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Music Production Podcast

Jan 4, 2019

Cuckoo is well-known for his playful personality, fun music, and deep music-gear tutorials with the little circular mirror. Music Radar just voted him the best music tech personality in the world. I first came across Cuckoo in 2011 when he started producing some of the best OP-1 tutorials, which showed me creative ways to use the OP-1. Since then, he has consistently stepped up his game, providing ever more useful tutorials, sound packs, and inspiring jams.

After months of discussion, Cuckoo and I finally found a time to talk that fit our 6-hour timezone separation. Cuckoo generously shared some of his tips at staying productive and completing big projects. But he also opened up about the challenges of creation that we all face. It was comforting to know that someone like Cuckoo, with near superhuman output, still struggles to overcome these very human challenges. He offered some of his techniques he uses to persevere. It was a great candid and relaxing conversation that I’ve been excited to have for some time now. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

Official Site - Connect to all things Cuckoo.

Instagram - Check out Cuckoo’s jams and explorations of his musical toys.

YouTube - Plenty of long-form tutorials on the latest gear.

Patreon - Cuckoo’s work involves a lot of time, energy, and experience, if you like it, help him out!

Samples and Packs - Lots of unique and Cuckoo-styled sound packs.

BandCamp - Listen to Cuckoo’s music.

Music Radar - Music Radar just named Cuckoo the best music tech personality in the world!

Tindra’s Light - Cuckoo’s animated short film.

Cuckoo Clothing - Get your Cuckoo shirts, hoodies, and tank tops.

VDMX - Live visuals software.

Do Ink - iPad animation software.

Yea Yea Yea - Short cartoon music video I made some years ago.

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Brian Funk