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Music Production Podcast

Jan 19, 2019

Zaak Kerstetter is an Ableton Certified Trainer, producer and performer. He makes music as Zenotope, combining elements of glitch, ambient, downtempo, and bass with doses of classical and sci-fi. Zaak has worked at many different music production schools and is currently working and teaching at KMGLife. 

I met Zaak at Ableton Loop in November, and we hit it off immediately. We talked about making music, production tips, and education philosophy. So I was excited to pick up our conversation in a more focused setting. With a background in punk rock and experimental music, Zaak has some unique insights about producing electronic music and building a community of music makers. 

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Show Notes:

Zenotope - Keep up with Zaak’s music.

KMG Academy - Zaak heads up the Ableton Music Production Program.

Boulder Ableton User Group - Zaak organizes the Boulder, Colorado Ableton Live User Group.

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Brian Funk