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Music Production Podcast

Dec 5, 2019

Like it or not, artificial intelligence and machine learning is changing the music industry. It could threaten jobs and eliminate the need for humans in the music making process. So what can we do? Double down on our humanity. After a few episode with people using AI and machine learning in the music industry, I have some thoughts on what we can do to avoid becoming obsolete in a changing world. 

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Show Notes:

Now AI Takes on Writing Death Metal, Country Music Hits, More - CDM article about music written with artificial intelligence.

Hazel Savage on the Music Production Podcast - Hazel talks about how her company Musiio is intelligently categorizing music.

Paul Zgordan on the Music Production Podcast - Paul discusses Mubert, which is creating AI generated music from samples.

Jonathan Bailey on the Music Production Podcast - Jonathan explains how Izotope is using AI to help us make music.

GLITCH DRUMS - Ableton Live and Sample Pack featured in the intro music to this episode.

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Brian Funk