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Music Production Podcast

Jul 5, 2020

Los Angeles's Joseph Holiday makes dark, moody, end-of-the-world modular music as Snakes of Russia. He masterfully weaves together his modular rig with samples and real world instrumentation. 

Joseph shares his music making process for his own music and the music he makes for film. We discuss how imposing limitations can build opportunities to be creative. It was a great talk that left me feeling inspired and excited to make music!

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Show Notes:

At Home Alone with Lions - New music from Snakes of Russia.

Instagram - Joseph shares his modular jams here.

Noise Engineering - A breakdown of the Snakes of Russia song "Heart Caves In."

"Dead Already" - Modular synth performance.

"Jenny Rock Horror"  - Snakes of Russia music video.

Song Exploder "Closing Time" - The story behind the 1998.

Huston Music Podcast - Huston Singletary's excellent podcast series featuring Joseph Holiday and an in-depth breakdown of some of his tracks.

Huston Singletary - Huston's appearance on this podcast.

Colin Benders - "Modular Mayhem" live performance.


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