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Music Production Podcast

Apr 11, 2019

GARDNSOUND is the work of Gardner Beson, a musician, producer, and YouTuber known for his helpful tutorials. Gardner generously shares his production techniques and skills with his audience. He runs Gardnsound Studios, which caters to artists that excel at breaking through the barriers that contain conventional EDM.

I had an interesting and wide-ranging conversation with Gardner. The first five minutes center around his pet parrot Lyla, who was present for the conversation. Then we move on to studio production techniques and some synthesizer talk. We even get to topics of ethics and personal online legacy. This is a great example of a conversation that covers all kinds of seemingly unrelated topics, which all come together under the spirit of making music. Listen on iTunes or Stitcher or Google Play or Spotify; watch on YouTube

Show Notes:

  • Website - Gardner's music on Bandcamp.
  • YouTube - Gardner’s impressive collection of helpful and inspiring videos.
  • Twitter - Gardi B on Twitter (only the most recent posts exist!)
  • BIP - Bounce in Place - Max for Live device that simplifies the resampling process.
  • Casey Neistat - Famous YouTuber who comes up in conversation.
  • Color Jumper - Video game by Ben Burnes.
  • Ben Burnes - on the Music Production Podcast. 

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Brian Funk