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Music Production Podcast

May 2, 2019

David Frangioni is a drummer, music technologist, studio designer, and author of the book Crash, which is an illustrative chronicle of rock and roll's legendary drum kits. He has worked with a who's who of rock legends like Aerosmith, Sting, Ozzy Osbourne, Ringo Starr, and KISS. His company, Audio One, builds and installs the most high-end luxury studios. David just released the book Crash! The World's Greatest Drum Kits.

In this episode of the podcast, David Frangioni shares his experience working with some of rock and roll's greatest. He details his unpredictable path in the music industry and emphasizes the importance of hard work, consistency, and commitment. 

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Show Notes:

Official Web Site - The hub of all of David' work. 

Crash! - David's beautiful, illustrated new book on the most legendary drum kits in rock history.

Audio One - David's industry leading company for luxury A/V installations.

Frangioni Foundation - non-profit charitable organization that enriches lives through the power of music, technology, faith and charity.

Books and Resources - David's books and music production resources.

Instagram - Follow David on Instagram.

Steve Jobs - Incredibly inspiring 2005 commencement speech for Stanford University.


VHS DRUMS Ableton Live Pack - 600 drum samples recorded to VCR tapes and built into 30 Ableton Live Drum Racks.

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Intro Music provided by Nick Lovell aka Trash Picnic and creator of MyBackroomBeats.


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