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Music Production Podcast

Feb 9, 2020

As you work and toil over your music, there comes a point when a song is finished. But how do you KNOW your track is finished? You can always add or change things. You can try new sounds or alter the arrangement. But how do you know where to stop?

In this episode, we explore the topic from both a philosophical and practical position. We ask questions about what makes a song complete and then go through specific techniques and approaches you can use to finish your music.

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Show Notes:

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FRZN GRAINS - ELPHNT's beautiful granular-instrument Ableton Live Pack.

Twilight Zone "Escape Clause" - A great episode about what happens when risk and danger are removed from life.

What is Your Audience Doing? - Music Production Podcast about what your listeners are doing while listening to your music.

Make Bad Music - Just finish your tracks, even if they are bad! Music Production Podcast episode #2.

Some Thoughts on Finishing Songs - Music Production Podcast with practical ideas on finishing music.

John Lennon - John's sometimes harsh critiques of songs by The Beatles.

Gumroad Founder on the Music Production Podcast - Sahil Lavingia has some powerful thoughts on finishing art sooner rather than working on it too long.

Derek Sivers - Derek on the EDM Prodcast (great show) talking about releasing art.

More Derek Sivers - Derek on the Music Production Podcast. Pay attention to "deep and shallow happy."

EDMProd Guidebooks - The makers of EDM Prodcast have a lot of helpful PDFs for music production.

A Simple Mistake That Will Ruin Your Mixdown - Make sure your tracks end smoothly, 2 Minute Ableton Live Tip.

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Brian Funk