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Music Production Podcast

Feb 19, 2020

Mixing is an art. Mixing is technical. A mix can be objectively good or bad. A mix can be subjectively good or bad. This episode of the Music Production Podcast contains some of the general guidelines that have helped me find the sound I'm looking for and improve the technical quality of my mixes. 

Thanks for listening and please pardon the clickbait title; I'm running some experiments in naming.

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Show Notes:

Space Journey Kit - Free Ableton Live Pack used for the opening music.

Music Production Club - Get access to a constantly updated collection of music production tools.

10 Time-Saving Music Production Hacks - An experiment in click-bait titling. Currently my second most downloaded episode. Go figure!

10 Things To Do When You Are Uninspired - An experiment in click-bait titling. Currently my fifth most downloaded episode.

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Brian Funk