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Music Production Podcast

Apr 21, 2017

Dan Hilse and Pierce Porterfield are the creative forces behind, a website full of useful tutorials, sample packs, and Ableton Live Packs. What sets their site apart is the practicality of the information and the beautiful presentation. Every page has characteristic GIF images to help explain the concepts and ideas within the post. 

I had a chance to talk with Dan and Pierce about their work, making music, and how they approach delivering complex material in a world of ever-shrinking attention spans. 

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Show Notes:

Tutorials on pATCHES

Ableton Live Devices

Max for Live Devices

Utilities - Including those Radiohead Groove files!

Manifestos - Philosophical pieces on making music (including my own!)

Ludicrous CGI Abs

Jai Paul stolen album

Figure iOS app

Roger Linn on Art + Music + Technology

99% Invisible - Nick Drake

Searching for Sugarman