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Music Production Podcast

Sep 12, 2020

Elina Segall is a musician and producer from Stockholm living in Los Angeles. Elina won the Warner Music Talent contest and earned a record deal... which she ultimately turned down. She has gone on to pursue her own artistic vision and define her own path in the music industry.

Elina and I had a great conversation covering her musical background and why she turned down the record deal she won. We discussed her decision to start a new life in Los Angeles to follow her artistic identity.

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Show Notes:

  • Official Web Site - The home to Elina's work.
  • Instagram - Elina has a passion for photography and shares snippets of music videos here.
  • YouTube - Elina's music videos, including her Sunday Sessions cover series.
  • Facebook - Keep up with Elina on Facebook.
  • C-Heads - Interview with Elina.

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