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Music Production Podcast

Aug 30, 2017


DiViNCi is a producer, composer, and educator from Orlando, FL. He is known for his high energy, mind-blowing finger drumming skills, his group Solillaquists of Sound, and his work for Lauryn Hill. He travels the world performing and giving music production workshops. 

I had a chance to attend one of DiViNCi's workshops at the Ableton User Group in Brooklyn at The Brooklyn Home of Music. Just as dazzling as his performance was his philosophical view point on creating music and finding balance in one's life. DiViNCi's teachings are immediately applicable to making music, but that's just the surface of what he does. The real power is in how he connects his views on life and self-awareness to everything a person does. 

DiViNCi and I had a great conversation about finding flow, trusting your intuition, and how his experience in the martial arts has shaped the way he approaches life and music. There are a lot of valuable lessons in here, so get a pen and paper and be ready to take some notes!

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Show Notes:

Here's a nice introduction to what DiViNCi does: