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Music Production Podcast

Nov 4, 2018

We carefully budget our money, so why aren’t we as careful with our time? In this episode, we Reflect on and Apply words of wisdom from the very first guest on this podcast, Ben Burnes. Ben advocates budgeting your music production time carefully for maximum productivity. By carefully scheduling your time, you can get more important work done and avoid wasting time on insignificant tasks. You can also download a free Music Production Schedule I made to help us all be more efficient with our time.

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Show Notes:

Ben Burnes - Ben on the Music Production Podcast… my first guest!

Music Production Schedule - Budget your time like money using this Google Spreadsheet. (Go to File-Add to My Drive to save).

100 Year Old Piano - Free Ableton Live and Logic Pro Instrument Pack.

Ben Burnes on YouTube - Check out Ben’s prolific output of videos and downloads.

Seconds Pro - High Intensity Interval Training, great for budgeting music production tasks.

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Brian Funk