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Music Production Podcast

Dec 18, 2018

Huston Singletary is the lead sound designer for preset creation at Ableton. He heads a team of sound designers that create the “sound” of Live. Over the years, Huston has done sound design and preset creation for numerous instruments, including Omnisphere, Novation Peak, Prophet X, and so many more. He documents a lot of his work and experiments on his Instagram page. Today, Ableton has released a free gift created by Huston called Singularities. Singularities is a collection of 40 Instrument Racks Huston built from samples of classic synthesizers.

In this episode, Huston discusses his role at Ableton and the team of talented sound designers he has assembled to create the beautiful palette of sounds featured in Ableton Live. He discusses his brand new free pack, Singularities, which is available on Ableton’s site for all versions of Ableton Live 10. Huston generously shares some of his wisdom on designing sounds, programming synths, and working with a well-rounded team of talented sound designers. This one is a real treat for the synth-nerds out there! Enjoy.

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Show Notes:

Singularities - 40 free Ableton Live Instruments from Ableton, created by Huston.

Instagram - Huston has been posting great jams and performances on IG.

Bandcamp - Listen to Huston’s music on Bandcamp.

Art + Music + Technology - Listen to Huston on Darwin Grosse’s excellent podcast.

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Brian Funk