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Music Production Podcast

Oct 14, 2019

William Kage is a video game programmer and music producer, who produces music in the style of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System sound card. William built SixEngine, a web-based 16-bit video game engine. William releases music in the style of the SNES and is working on a new 16-bit RPG called Otosan.

William and I had a great conversation about his work and the challenges of writing within restrictions of the Super Nintendo's sound card. We discuss how game composers were able to find creative solutions to the limitations using some clever sampling techniques. William also gives some nice sound examples to help explain how this type of composing works.

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Show Notes:

  • Official Site - The hub of William's work, his music, SixEngine, and Otosan.
  • SixEngine - 16-bit web-based game engine.
  • Otosan - 16 bit role playing game William is developing.
  • miniVerb - 8-bit chip tune reverb plug-in.

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Brian Funk