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Music Production Podcast

Feb 28, 2021

Jordan Rudess is a composer, music technologist, and keyboardist for progressive metal group Dream Theater. Jordan was voted "the best keyboardist of all-time" by Music Radar. He founded Wizdom Music to push the boundaries of music technology. Their newest release is GeoShred 5, a highly expressive, MPE instrument for...

Feb 13, 2021

Improvisational comedians always follow the rule "Yes! And..." It's used to move the scenario forward and foster a positive creative energy in the moment, as the material is being created. This rule can be applied to our music production. During the Jamuary2021 challenge, I used this approach to develop ideas even...

Feb 6, 2021

Today's episode of the show covers another lesson learned during Jamuary 2021. Inspiration is rare and precious, and you have to act on it immediately. Here are some ideas about capturing and making the most of it when it strikes.

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Show Notes:

Feb 1, 2021

Let's use the month of February to finish and release some of our music. After Jamuary, I'm sure you have lots of interesting musical ideas. Even if you didn't do Jamuary, you probably have plenty! During February, we are going to challenge ourselves to finish tracks and share them with the world!

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